We like this one…

We like this one, so let’s follow 4 for now. It’s private, but should be trading soon. CSE: “TWLV” Suriname gold exploration. www.79north.ca

ELY having a very nice run and attracting serious capital.

Greencastle “VGN” is starting to move, but volume very thin. This is a closely held company and could have a nice move, if gold keeps running. Stock is up 50%, but very light volume.

Golden Lake “GLM” is gearing up to drill Greencastle’s Jewel Ridge. Greencastle has had some very good results from Jewel in the past. This is the first time the entire project has been assembled under one corporate entity with fresh target areas and follow up drilling planned.

This could be a very exciting play this summer GLM and VGN.

DVR has doubled from last financing and is well bid. 2020 is looking like a big growth year for Deveron….

And let’s add Quinsam CSE: “QCA”, but be warned, this is a two year turnaround. Need to unwind weed investments and rebrand. This will take time. Meanwhile, DEEP discounts to book value are available from time to time. Do your homework on this one, it’s complicated.

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