Westhaven drills 34 m of 1.21 g/t Au at Shovelnose

Westhaven Gold Corp. has released additional assay results from its continuing 30,000-metre drill program. The Company has also added a third drill rig at its 17,623-hectare Shovelnose gold property to test several additional targets outside of the high-grade South Zone.

Hole SN20-65 (Lear Zone — Vein Zone 3) returned 34.00 metres (m) of 1.21 g/t gold (Au) and 3.68 g/t silver (Ag), including: 1.00m of 15.70 g/t Au and 77.50 g/t Ag within 200m of surface.

Hole SN20-62 (Lear Zone — Vein Zone 3) returned 20.12m of 0.90 g/t Au and 2.17 g/t Ag, including: 0.45m of 8.7 g/t Au and 36.30 g/t Ag and 6.00m of 2.01 g/t Au and 2.85 g/t Ag.

Hole SN20-64 (Lear Zone — Vein Zone 2) returned 6.00m of 1.57 g/t Au and 4.30 g/t Ag, including: 2.00m of 3.84 g/t Au and 6.85 g/t Ag within 110m of surface.

The 3rd drill rig is planned to be set up at Shylock target ~1.5 kilometres southeast of the South Zone discovery as the focus of this program is to test new drill targets. A drill is currently testing the Line 6 target with the 2nd drill testing along strike north of the Lear Zone.

Holes SN20-62 and SN20-63 were drilled to the northeast (azimuth: 060 deg) on section 1500 as step-outs to hole SN20-56. These holes confirmed the northwestern continuation of stronger gold mineralization encountered in Vein Zone 3 in hole SN20-56. Hole SN20-62 extended this stronger mineralization by 70 metres to the northwest. Zone 3 remains open up-dip from hole SN20-62.

Holes SN20-64 and SN20-65 were drilled on section 1350 to test for higher grade veining above the weakly mineralized roots of Vein Zone 3 intersected previously in holes SN20-53 and SN20-55. Hole SN20-65 confirmed the presence of higher grade gold mineralization in the shallower portions of Vein Zone 3. This highlights the potential for stronger mineralization to occur up-dip from previously drilled weaker intersections in Vein Zone 3.

Drilling has continued northwest of South Zone, through the Lear and now the Alpine target areas. Historic IP surveys at Alpine have defined north-northwest trending resistivity and chargeability highs that appear to be closely aligned with Vein Zone 2. Drilling has confirmed the continuation of Vein Zones 2 and 3 northwest into the Alpine target area but with a divergence of the two vein zones. Zone 2 is deflecting west-northwest and Zone 3 continues north-northwest. Drilling has continued northwest into the Alpine target area, stepping out along the vein zones.

Orientation test lines completed earlier this summer demonstrated that alteration associated with mineralization at the South Zone could be detected by the CSAMT technique. A larger survey planned to cover some 1,500 hectares of the 17,623 hectare Shovelnose Property was announced previously, and field data collection is continuing. Based on results received to date (including preliminary 2D inversion profiles), potential analogues for the South Zone have been identified. The survey area will be expanded to the north, and a series of infill lines will be collected to better define specific features of interest, the most promising of which are planned for drilling later this season. Please see below for preliminary profiles.

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