Welcome to Marburg’s Equity Metals Stream (“EMS”).  

Join our community and receive a curated stream of News and Media covering the most exciting exploration companies in Canada. 

There are thousands of public companies engaged in the search for the building blocks of modern civilization. We screen these to +/- 250 names with a market value of between CAD $20 Million and CAD $100 Million. We focused on Precious Metals, Rare Elements, Energy Metals, and Base Metals to bring you a unique multi-media news stream. 

We use a Minimum Market Cap screen in our Selection Criterion because experience has taught us that management of smaller companies can often run into conflicts between survival and sound business choices. 

We only allow a few Select Micro Caps (“SMCs”) with market values below CAD $20 Million.  These are rare and only permitted into our stream if they are well known to us.  Our SMCs are highly speculative, but they can provide opportunities for members to participate in Private Financings.

Equity Metals